Key Issue: Government Reform

I am running for office to serve the people of the 178th. I believe it is completely inappropriate for legislators to use their office to enrich themselves. Thus, I wholeheartedly support Governor Wolf’s proposed ethics rules and would introduce legislation to make them law. Indeed, I would go further in reforming what the Bucks County Courier Times described as “the most corrupt legislature in the nation.”

In addition to banning all gifts to public officials, and “no budget, no pay” for state lawmakers who can’t pass a budget for the state, I support ending gerrymandering of state legislative districts, reducing the size of the legislature, shedding light on “dark money” by requiring all political ads to identify the persons or corporations providing the funds for them, and preventing bills with substantial popular support from being bottled up in committees forever.

Gerrymandering, by either party, makes a travesty of our democracy as it allows elected officials to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their elected officials. I favor establishing an independent commission that draws district lines based on the criteria of equal population, compactness, and non-division of counties or municipalities wherever possible. “Dark money” ads are those which hide behind labels, like “Americans for Prosperity,” to publish propaganda and often falsehoods for or against candidates. I would require all such ads to identify the actual sources of money behind the ads, whether it be the Koch Brothers or George Soros.

Finally, I will not be taking per diems or a tax-payer funded car.