Key Issue: Environment

Because the federal government is either rolling back or not enforcing many existing environmental protections, it is more important than ever that Pennsylvania step up with fair laws and do everything to protect and preserve our land, the air, and water. 

We must ensure that we don’t go back to the days when industry felt free to pour pollutants into the air we breathe and dump toxins into the water. We should also encourage clean energy, not only because we don’t want to leave our children a host of problems that we created, but also because it makes economic sense:  clean energy means jobs.

Among all of the environmental issues we face, fracking is of the most immediate concern. All residents of the 178th legislative district get their water from the ground or from the Delaware River, with 80% of the water supply for Northampton Township coming from the Delaware River via the Bucks County Water and Sewer facility at Point Pleasant.  The biggest by-product of fracking is the residue of the chemicals pumped into and out of the ground.  As a result, we need to prevent fracking from occurring in the Delaware River basin and ensure that chemical waste produced elsewhere does not end up in the Delaware or any place where it could contaminate our drinking water.

Helen is proud to have the endorsement of the Conservation Voters of PA, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club as well as PennEnvironment.

Josh McNeil, Conservation Voters of PA

"Helen understands that ensuring clean drinking water for everyone must be an absolute top priority. That’s why she supports a permanent ban on fracking and fracking-related activities in the Delaware River Basin, which would contaminate drinking water sources. As Solebury Township supervisor, she led her colleagues to unanimously pass a resolution opposing the Penn East Pipeline and convinced several other municipalities to do the same because damage to our clean streams and forests would be irreparable. 

This election is critical—legislative leaders have pulled dirty tricks to pass a fake severance tax and open our state parks to drilling. If enough of us come together, we have an opportunity to elect someone who has a proven record of standing up to big polluters and fighting for clean water, air, and land for all our families."

David Masur, PennEnvironment Executive Director

“While voters are barraged with mailers and campaign advertisements in election season, PennEnvironment’s endorsements are meant to serve as a tool to help Pennsylvanians know how to cast the best environmental vote when they go to the ballot. We believe that these endorsements in critical races across the Commonwealth will help voters know which candidates are truly the cream of the crop when it comes to protect our environment and public health on Election Day.

These environmental champions will help safeguard our environment for all Pennsylvanians. PennEnvironment’s endorsements will help voters know who will which candidates will lead the transition to 100% renewable energy, work to solve climate change, stand up to the frackers and their lobbyists, and protect Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.”