Key Issue: Sustainable Development And Traffic

Growth is a necessary part of maintaining the viability of any community. But growth must be sustainable and managed to minimize the adverse consequences, such as loss of open space and too much traffic.

As a supervisor in Solebury, Helen has consistently supported its land preservation program, which is recognized as a model, locally, statewide and nationally.  Over its many years, this program has resulted not only in preserving Solebury‚Äôs rural character and reducing traffic, but also in keeping overall property taxes the fourth lowest in the county.  In fact, for every dollar spent on preservation, approximately $3 are saved in school taxes. Where development is appropriate, any adverse impacts must be minimized by making accommodations for additional traffic, ensuring that existing properties are not affected by storm water run-off, and making sure that groundwater is recharged.

The residents of Solebury originated the land preservation program, and Helen believes that local residents generally know best how to direct their future, through zoning, storm water, agricultural soils protection, and other tools.  Because the state grants this power to local residents, it can also take that power away. As your state representative, Helen will work to ensure that the principal that local jurisdictions are generally in the best position to decide land use issues is enshrined in the Municipal Planning Code. She will also work hard to ensure that the state provides the authority and resources to local jurisdictions to address issues like traffic and overdevelopment.